Friday, May 23, 2014

Latest Book Release, "A Gray Life"

Today, my novel A Gray Life was published, available from Nuff Said Publishing (a small indie press I'm launching). 

If you're into post-apocalyptic stories with more than a few elements of horror, A Gray Life is for you.

Click here to buy your own e-copy, soon to be available in hard-copy everywhere. 

Or, if you're cheap like me, wait until May 26th and May 27th, and get the e-book for free from

Here's what Black Rose Reviewer has to say about A Gray Life:

"This story is brilliant. It should have more readers than its got. This is for someone who wants a Sci-Fi Scare. This will make you cringe, the way it was worded I’m an impressed with the descriptiveness, it sometimes can get graphic and gross you out, but that’s why it’s great."

Book Description: 

Society has crumbled. Loved ones are lost daily. Can an empath and two children survive a violent world filled with crime, vigilantes, and strange things found in the dark? 

To pass the time, a twelve-year-old boy chronicles his experiences as a captive in a deranged man's basement, all the time wondering about the fate of his friend, Ashley Heard. 

Ashley Heard witnesses her father's murder at the hands of home invaders and is forced to flee a decaying city overrun by mutants. Ashley befriends the empath Juniper Jones, a woman that helps her escape the city. 

Despite their hellish surroundings, three people manage to touch each other's lives briefly, but for the better.