Short stories

“The Brownie Situation” (Click here to read)
Story SynopsisNewt has a large family that is prone to gossip. When everyone learns that Newt's grandmother somehow ingested pot-brownies, the family gossip-mill roars to life. As Newt hears snatches of the truth from different family members, she begins to realize that her mother lied about certain details of the brownie situation. Newt has to decide, do the lies that  her mother told  really matter, or do they merely mark her as human?

“Ambitious” (Click here to read)

Story Synopsis: Ferb and Todd are two teacher's assistants hosting a workshop for gifted students. A few days before the workshop, they find out that a student was murdered back at campus. Todd suspects it to be Silas, a student who some consider to be a psychopath/genius. Todd's suspicions come to fruition as Ferb learns the terrible truth about Silas.

“The Dark” (Click here to read)
Story SynopsisWorking retail can be hell. For three cashiers, their job becomes something else entirely when they meet a five-year-old named Sienna and her neurotic mother. Sienna never speaks and never takes her eyes off of the ceiling in the store. Soon enough, the three cashiers learn exactly why Sienna is different, and why she is constantly looking up. The three women's limits and fears are tested as they try to figure out how to keep Sienna alive. 

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