Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Try saying THIS five times fast: Communication Organizations!

Although one may have not been aware, there are several organizations available to communication professionals. In fact, there are so many that I chose only five to discuss at length. The five organizations that I chose to dissect were:

The Association for Women in Communications (AWC)
The Association of Professional Communication Consultants
The American Communication Association (ACA)
The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC)
The Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM)

The AWC is committed to establishing women in different positions to ensure greater advancement for them in Communications. They recognize that the field of communications is growing and diverse, and women should have their own stake in it as well. Obviously, the intended audience for this organization is women who are interested in furthering their career in Communications.

The Association of Professional Communication Consultants provides consultants or references to companies that are sans a communications consultant. Most companies probably do not realize the dynamics a communications consultant can bring to any business. Thankfully, that is what the association is there to explain. Companies who require a PR representative or the like would be the most likely intended audience for this organization.

The ACA is a non-profit and was started out of an interest in all types of human communication. This association is also completely aware that communication is increasingly becoming a virtual forum. Their goal is to facilitate the freedom of communication on the internet and on other means of mobile communicative mediums. Other major goals of the ACA include: "(a) fostering scholarship in all areas of human communication behavior, (b) promoting excellence in the pedagogy of communication, (c) providing a voice in communication law and policy, and (d) providing evaluation and certification services for academic programs in communication study," (ACA, 2009). Technological communication experts could be the intended audience for the ACA.

The AEJMC's mission is to ensure high standards and multi-culturalism in journalism and education, while promoting objectivity of all journalists and mass communications. Another non-profit, the AEJMC also proliferates extensive research in communications. Teachers, journalists, broadcasters, and students would get the most out of this organization.

GLOCOM is based in Japan, but over the last decade has expanded to include over 50 countries in its pursuit for international communication awareness. Researching international communication methods, communicating with international governments and academia are only a few of the other things GLOCOM is a part of. Government officials, business professionals, and students with an interest in international communications would be the intended audience for this organization.
The organizations I am most interested in are AWC, AEJMC, and GLOCOM. As a woman, being a part of AWC might open up opportunities for me I might have otherwise been unaware of. As a former enthusiast for journalism, the AEJMC might give me a new appreciation for journalism while also educating me on the finer points of mass communication styles. Finally, different cultures fascinate me and I always wish to know more about them, thus GLOCOM would be a perfect way to learn and grow in the international business world of communications.

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