Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Soon to be featured on Twinja's Blog for a Cover Reveal!

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The super fab gals at Twinja are going to do a cover reveal for my upcoming science fiction novel, Daughter of Zeus.

The reveal will most likely happen on Wednesday May 21st, with the book's release happening on July 7th. Until then, here's a teaser for Daughter of Zeus. Be ready for the cover reveal, which will include a giveaway!

A human battery...

Too bad she didn’t really know what she was doing. Ada’s powers had recently manifested, and she was still learning how to use them. Zapping roaches and overriding ATM machines came to her naturally, like breathing. Powering a car would hopefully come as naturally.
Ada closed her eyes and took deep breaths, the kind of deep breaths her mom would be proud of. She imagined her mom on the brink of one of her many anxiety attacks, and it was hard not to smile: Just doin’ my breathin’ exercises. Deep breathing worked, brought her out of the panic bubble. In her state of rest, she reached out with her mind to the dormant engine. She imagined the car alive with electricity. The car started. Immediately, Ada felt a pull, like an invisible harness on her chest. The harness was tied to the engine, pulling and pulling but she wasn’t going anywhere. It hurt being a human power source.
“Route to home.” Ada gasped.
“Routing to home. We will reach your destination in five minutes.”

Five minutes? She doubted she could withstand another ten seconds.

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