Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Up and Coming Writer: Jeff Martin

Find Jeff Martin on his blog: The Oak Wheel

Jeff Martin contacted me via Twitter, and was kind enough to offer me a guest spot on his blog, The Oak Wheel. Not only a spot. The spot. As in the first spot for a guest author! I'm flattered Jeff wanted to feature me at all, and grateful for the responses his website has generated for my writing.

Now, it's my turn to pay it forward and tell you more about Jeff!

The tag on Jeff's blog describes it as:  Poetry, short stories, the musings of a druid, guest authors and more!

His blog is as varied as he promises, with thoughtful entries like:

Writing Saved My Life

It’s a lofty title, one that I doubt my prose will live up to. Nevertheless, it is a truth, a simple pillar that constitutes the backbone of my existence.
I have always been a storyteller. Ever since I called 9-11 when my grandmother was napping as a kindergartner to tell them that someone had broken into the house, I have been weaving tales in one way or another. Sometimes I have been admonished for telling them, as I was by the slightly amused but mostly annoyed emergency responder that found me hiding behind my grandfather’s rocking chair. For the most part, though, I receive indifference; occasionally, I am given encouragement.
It has recently dawned upon me that praise or a lack thereof has nothing to do with why I tell stories. I tell stories because, if I do not tell them, I become consumed by them. This fact did not become clear to me until months after I suffered a seizure in April of this year.
From what I remember, it was a beautiful day. My wife, son and I had just got back from a trip to the coastal enclave of Fort Bragg in northern California where we visited my mother for the weekend. It was as relaxing as a vacation can be for a (then) practicing alcoholic. The bed and breakfast we stayed in was quaint although the bed was a bit small for the three of us; the restaurants we visited served top-shelf whiskey and knew what I meant when I ordered a shot ‘neat’. We got back to our home in Sonoma County and decided to have lunch at a small Mexican restaurant in our hometown. Life was good. (more on The Oak Wheel)

Or poetry entries like:

The mists around me were
Just like a cloak
I shivered involuntarily
But stayed the course.
There was nothing that could
Deter me now
Or scare me. How I
Got here, no one knows
But I don’t question
Myths passed down by
(more on The Oak Wheel)
Jeff Martin
Credit: The Oak Wheel

(On the About page of The Oak Wheel): Jeff Martin is the main contributor, started the site and maintains it on a daily basis. Jeff is a poet, aspiring novelist and singer/songwriter based out of northern CA. Having a deep love of the written word since an early age, Jeff’s first loves in literature were the fantasy series novels of Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. In his teens, Jeff fell in love with the works of Terry Goodkind and Terry Brooks. Jeff has always dabbled in writing but did not seriously begin producing prose until earlier this year. He is working on the first novel in a fantasy series, a sci-fi thriller and is a prolific poet and short story writer.

From the writing he's offered on his blog, I'm excited to see more from this promising new writer!

Visit The Oak Wheel here

Other links:
You can find Jeff Martin on Twitter by clicking here.You can find Jeff Martin on Facebook by clicking here.You can find Jeff Martin on YouTube by clicking here.

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