Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Promising new author: Elizabeth Baxter

British author Elizabeth Baxter of the new short story collection Circle Spinner is worth taking note of. She has been writing since she was six years old, and Circle Spinner is her debut novel. She has two more novels coming out this summer: Summer Storm and Everwinter.

Synopsis for Circle Spinner
Take a look at my book!Circle Spinner and Other Tales by Elizabeth Baxter 
Five fantasy and science fiction stories that will sweep you to other worlds.

Circle Spinner
Edith longs for a quiet retirement. She longs for her cottage by the sea and the company of her dogs. But the world, it seems, hasn’t done with her yet. For Edith is a Circle Spinner, the only one who can save the city of Shine from the terrifying Pantheon. 6000 words

The Following Star
Angus walks the corridors of a starship with only his dog for company. He guards a precious cargo: a population of colonists searching for a new home. But when a sudden course change threatens the ship, Angus discovers that all is not as it seems. 6000 words

One of those Days 
Simon is a high-flyer. Good job. Nice apartment. It’s not his fault if his company is involved in shady dealings with the fairy realm is it? No, if he keeps his head down and mouth shut, Simon is sure everything will be okay. But the Prince of Fae and his motley band of followers have other ideas. They have Simon in mind for a very special mission. 7000 words

The Blessing of Silence
The game has been played for years uncounted. Sakara has watched players come and go and been powerless to save them. She is a slave. What difference could she possibly make? But when a new player suddenly enters the game, Sakara begins to realize that she holds within her the power to end the game forever. 6000 words

Fallen Angel
Matthew’s faith is unshakable. A soldier in the United Church, he has dedicated his life to hunting demons. But when his latest mission goes wrong he discovers a secret that will cast everything he believes into doubt. 6000 words

Reviews for Circle Spinner from Amazon: 
"This was the first book I got on my new kindle. I didn't want to go straight into a novel because I wasn't sure if I'd like reading off a screen so I went for something shorter first. It was a good move because I really enjoyed the collection and the kindle didn't hurt my eyes after all. My main problem with short stories is that you don't have enough time to get to know the characters but this wasn't an issue here. You get to know all the characters really well and I found myself rooting for them. I liked some stories better than others, and my favorite was probably The Following Star as I loved Dog. I think there's probably something for everyone in this"

"I enjoyed each of the stories as each provided me with a different emotion and sub-genre: danger, sadness, happiness, comedy and action. The titular story was a great start to the collection: great characters from tired Edith to the evil demon Tenoquitil. I loved the relationship between Angus and dog in the Following Star and really enjoyed the humour in One of Those Days. As I intimated before, the collection provides something for different readers. Summer Storm, although of the fantasy genre (as apposed to sci-fi) proved to be an interesting introduction to what promises to be an exciting story. Overall, an easy to read and well written collection."

Baxter has a web blog that she uses to promote her writing, but the added wonder of her blog is that she also uses it to review and promote indie authors. Check out her blog here:

You can purchase Circle Spinner from this Amazon link, or find it via Baxter's webpage. Look for her on Goodreads as well!

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